Lash Aftercare and Maintenance

Hello beauties:)

Now that you've crossed over to the #lashside it's time to talk about how to keep those beauties looking their best for as long as possible between fills.

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The First 24 hrs

For the first night and day following your lash appointment there are a few keys things to know to ensure the lash adhesion properly bonds and you can maintain the most lash extensions. For starters, do not get your lashes wet. Plan your shower, workout, and rom-com night accordingly so that your lash extensions can fully bind to your natural lashes. Second, sleep on your back. this may seem a little weird but the less tug and pull on your lashes the first few hours the better. We also recommend silk pillow cases for your day to day maintenance.

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During the Day

This may seem like a no-brainer but DO NOT PULL and tug at your lashes. This will weaken the adhesive and make your daily lash loss increase. When applying makeup avoid oily formulas like pencil liners and primers close to the lash line. We also highly recommend brushing your lashes daily. think of it like brushing your hair, avoid tangles and kinks and your lashes won't pull on the roots! This also avoids build-up of bacteria and debris.

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Before you zzzz

As with your normal routine always remove makeup before bed. Check out this video post below on proper lash makeup removal and washing. Check your skincare products , especially those around your eyes, for oil based formulas as these will break down the adhesive for your extensions. Again silk pillow cases and back sleepers are best off!