Lip Injection 101

Feeling a little tight-lipped? Envying the Kylie Jenner's of the world? Want that new Fenty lipstick to really POP? Sounds like Lip injections are right for you. Let's dive into some important things to know beforehand to ensure a magical and possibly addicting new beauty routine.

What are Lip Fillers?

So, what are lip fillers, exactly? Let’s start with what they’re not: permanent. They last only about three months to a year. The kinds the derms recommend are made of hyaluronic acid — a sugar (found naturally in the body) that adds temporary volume and definition when injected into lips.

How does the procedure work?

First, your injector will cleanse the area and apply a topical numbing cream (it needs about 20 minutes to kick in) or inject you with lidocaine. Then, “the injections themselves take 15 to 20 minutes,” - Neil Saddick MD

Who will be doing it?

Skye Lash Lounge has a board-certified physician certified in fillers do all our botox and lip injections. Regardless where you go, do your research. This is a medical procedure, breaking the skin can allow passage of bacteria inside the body. If not done by a professional infection can result, potentially spreading and causing further complications.

How bad does it hurt?

Most women say the lidocaine shot hurts most (like an intense bee sting). As for the filler itself, it can be best described as an immediate pricking sensation, then uncomfortable pressure as the filler moves throughout the lips.

What can I expect visually?

You may notice some small bumps under your lips. They usually smooth
out on their own within a week or two, but if not, your injector can remove them. While rare, more serious complications (like a blood clot) can occur, so if you’re experiencing significant pain or skin discoloration, see a doctor ASAP. You may or may not bruise for 3-5 days afterward. You should expect full results in a week.

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