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2018 dates:

June 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th (must be available all four days)

August 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th (must be available all four days)

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Lash extension courses

Mini Course

Have you ever thought about becoming a lash artist? Do you want to know more about the art of applying lash extensions and/or career opportunities before committing to the full training course? We have a solution! Skye Lash Lounge offers mini lash extension courses. Too many stylists spend thousands of dollars to learn how to apply lash extensions just to find out that it’s not for them. By the end of our course, you will have a better idea and understanding of the industry and whether or not it is your forte!

What to Expect

The mini course is a great way to spend less time and money getting started to see if you are In fact interested in being an eyelash extension artist. All training material will be provided in the course.

You will learn about:

  • Hygiene and keeping a sterile working environment
  • Different extension types (lengths, curls, diameters)
  • Basic gel patch application
  • Basic lash and adhesive applications and aftercare.

Becoming an eyelash extension expert takes time, skill and lots of knowledge. The mini class is the ideal way to get the basic knowledge of being an eyelash extension artist in a short amount of time for a manageable price-point.

If after taking the mini course you think you would like to become certified, the mini class sets you up with the basic knowledge needed to complete the full class and becoming certified. Please, call, text or book online to secure your spot in the course.   

Booking and Pricing

Price: $295

Sign up with a friend and you both receive 10% off. A $50 deposit is required to secure your spot in the class, and will go toward the course. Payment is due in full one week prior to the course date.  


Refill Course 

99% of courses do not show you the refill process, which is harder than than a full set. This course will provide you the theory and hands-on  training to properly refill your clients lashes, and maximize their retentions allowing  you to expand your client volume increasing your compensation.

What to Expect

This course will teach you the theory of eyelash extension refills, aftercare products to stay away from, Blepharitis, client consultation, case studies, questions, application tips and tricks, post application after care, and several hours on 2 live models. All training material will be provided in class (adhesive, pads, primer etc). Does not include take home kit offered in mini lash course, however lunch will be provided. We recommend that you bring the tweezers, and glasses you are most comfortable with. 2 live models need (we recommend to clients you are comfortable and need a fill).

Booking and Pricing

Limited spots available. Please call or text 502.554.7911 to book the course.

 Price: $495

Sign up with a friend and you both receive 10% off. A $100 deposit is required to secure your spot in the class, and it will go toward the course. Payment is due in full one week prior to the course date.


Lash Training & Certification Course 

Unfortunately many companies offer intensive 4 hour or 1-2 day eyelash extension courses that do not teach the fundamental working knowledge and skills necessary, nor do they enable the students sufficient practice time. The end result virtually 100% of the time is a lash technician that lacks the skills, confidence, and knowledge to perform their job at a safe and high standard. 

Skye Lash Lounge believes in a mix of both practice application supported by the essential theory component giving you a genuine opportunity to learn the art of eyelash extension application at a realistic pace that will give you a solid foundation to build a successful and rewarding career. From the moment you complete this course, you will be trained, confident, and knowledgeable lash artist. 

We are committed to providing you with the safest, highest caliber of eyelash extension training course. We are serious about being at the forefront of eyelash extension industry. What we are committed to providing, is value and not focusing on one brand and technique.                                                                                                                                  

 What to Expect

We will cover: potential earnings, industry growth, eye theory, anatomy of the eye, common eye diseases & disorders, safety & sanitation, types of lash extensions, speciality lashes, product & tool knowledge, lower lash covering with pads,  tape placement, misconceptions in the industry, adhesive knowledge 101, adhesive 102, adhesive 103, workstation setup, style mapping, natural lash separation & isolation, client consultations, client prep, eye shape & lash placement, full set application,  basic fill application, removal application, lash design: speciality lashes, mixing curls and lengths, aftercare, potential reactions, different bonding techniques, allergic reactions & irritations, advance application: imperfections & difficult natural lashes, case studies, troubleshooting, fill application: changing lengths, curl & fullness, MSDS sheets, lash extension removal: cluster & hair glue, client retention issues, tips & tricks, marketing yourself, pricing strategy, firing a client, release forms, volume lashes, hybrid: classic-volume mix, classic vs clusters vs volume lashes, working with medical situations & cosmetic enchantments, bottom lash application, and much more.

Booking and Pricing

4 days | 10am-6pm | limited spots available |  kit included | lunch included   

Price: $2,400 | Kit Value: $700

 A $500 deposit is required to secure your spot, and it will go toward the course. Payment is due in full one week prior to the course date. Please call or text 502.554.7911 to book the course.

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Why Us? 

* Our focus is not on a brand. Our focus is on teaching you how to safely and correctly apply eyelash extensions. However, you will learn and use a variety of different brands.

* Learn from Master Lash Stylists trained in lash extension courses and certified by Minkys, Bella Lash, Misencil, and Nova Lash. 

*Small class sizes ensure you receive one-on-one practical guidance and support. 

*No future requirements or minimum orders to keep your certification active. 

*Ongoing training and mentoring

*HUGE kit that is included in the price. Valued at $700 


Professional Kit

The kit included enough lash products for up to 100 clients. You will find many of the top brands, and multiples of the essential products needed to complete a full set and fills. 

Tweezers: straight, straight curved, pro straight, L tweezers, and scissors

Adhesive: beginnings adhesive (8-10 second drying time), advance adhesive (6 sec drying time), and elite adhesive (1-2 sec drying time)

Lashes: Variety of curls, lengths, and diameters, tray of color lashes for practice

Accessories: primer, cleanser, cleansing brush, make-up remover, eye solution, jade stone, jade stone cover, micro swabs applicators x100, mascara wands x100, disposable applicators x100. medical tape type 1, medical tape type 2, bottle of acetone, tweezer case, nano mister, adhesive rings, adhesive remover, adhesive sealant, alcohol bottle, spray pumps x2, foam pump, lash tile case x2, lash tile x2, mini cooling fan, temperature and humidity checker, magnified glasses x3 (1.5x, 2.5x 3.5x), bio gel pads x20. collagen pads x10. collagen pads (another type) x10, hypoallergenic pads x10,  4 sets of practice lashes, mannequin, Hospital grade.   disenfect, training manual, canvas bag, organization bags. 

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